Recumbent vs Upright Exercise Bike

Rosaura Eames, Mon 27 February 2017, Mon 27 February 2017, Exercise bike

Recumbent Bike, Upright Exercise Bike

Everyone is trying to know which one is more effective; the recumbent vs. upright exercise bike? Both of these designs are made for cycling but one claims to be much more popular than the other. But of course before anything else we must know what the difference is between the Folding Mountain Bikes Reviews two of them. Let’s start with the recumbent exercise bike.

With the word recumbent which literally means “lying down”, recumbent bikes have seats that supports the back of the person using it. You will look like seating on a sofa whilepedalling at the same time. They lean back in a relaxed position as with the arms hanging at the side of the body. The legs are stretched horizontally towards the pedals of the bike on the other hand, which indicates that not much stress is coming from the back or legs because they are much more comfortable. Less fatigue and muscle strains, therefore, are some of the benefits you can get by exercising using the recumbent bike.

Meanwhile, the upright exercise bike is very much like the regular bike wherein the seats are much higher and does not have any back support. The body leans forward and the rider must put his hands on handle bars to keep balance and stability. You must move your feet below your hips as you pedal, making it more difficult and causes pain not just on at the back but also at the arms and hands of the user.

As much as people were already used to the upright bike, more and more are now purchasing the recumbent exercise bike mainly because of the comfort that is given especially the support that it gives to the lower back of your body. Not all is pleased by the recumbent bike, however, as some cyclist that are eager for challenges still use the upright bike because it also allows the arms to be included in the exercise.

In summary, the best comparison made to recumbent vs. upright exercise bike is the position it gives to the users. The recumbent bike has a more laid back position and does not need much effort to pedal that is why it is much more popular than that of the upright exercise bike which makes you you’re your back, lean forward and bend you neck a while pedalling. With this, you should be able to distinguish for yourself which is more important and beneficial for you and your health regime; the comfort you would feel with recumbent bikes, or the challenge and strenuous workout you can get with upright bikes.