Mongoose Salvo Mountain Bike

Rosaura Eames, Mon 27 February 2017, Mon 27 February 2017, Mountain bike

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Mongoose is a Southern California garage which was established in 1974. Ever since it was founded, it has always been a trendsetter. From classic innovation wonders like the MotoMag cast magnesium wheels to today’s crop mountain, pavement, and BMX bikes, Mongoose has always demonstrated appealing bicycle performance. The bikes that the company produces are especially made for riders who are looking for fun on and off the road. Its bike designers are continuously testing their creations in the real scene on the hill, at the park, and on the track. The Mongoose Salvo Sport Mountain Bike is among the popular kinds that it has. Click Here:

From simple bicycles, Mongoose now offers a variety of bicycles that suit every rider who is either a professional or a beginner. The Salvo sport is a great example of a bike produced by Mongoose. Designed to handle any trail, it can surely move around flawlessly thanks to its strategic design and top of the line materials.

All of these features are pretty much everything that has made the Mongoose Salvo Sport Mountain Bike an exemplary ride. It comes with reasonable cockpit dimensions for trail or cross country use. The length and width of the bar are just enough for convenient positioning and adequate control while on the road. Its Suntour frame fork does its job well but it has nothing special about since it just works like other full suspension bikes. Its absorbing power is smooth and sensibly plush with good spring weight for less asserting riders. The first thing I noticed when I got on it and started to ride is that it’s not one of those Cheap Mountain Bikes like I owned before. The bike’s extra 190mm long KS shock stroke allows the suspension to handle bumps and small drops in leveraged way. When dropping off edges or steep trails, the saddle can also be dropped for more convenience.

The Mongoose Salvo Sport Mountain Bike is not that lightweight and pedaling can sometimes be a tough job regardless of the shock setting. On the brighter side, the Salvo earns big points as a proper bike thanks to its chassis. The bike’s head tube is rather oversized but its top and down tube both have subtle curves. Its rocker link pivots possess pop-on rubber caps that cover bearing. What is more impressive about this part is that its entire back end is stiff.

The Salvo comes with chainstay bridges and a forged seatstay both presenting plentiful tire space. Its asymmetric terminals for its chainstay carry on forward through the main pivot. This provides a sort o floating mount for the long coil shock’s bottom.  Its disc wheels which is the D section Alex are strong enough to combat a demanding road. The tires can demonstrate its power well but can be wobbly for wet rocks and wood because of its plastic-like rubber compound.

The Mongoose Salvo Sport Mountain Bike also comes with rapid release axles in both the front and rear. This enables easy loading on the car and it is puncture repair. Although its cable discs do not offer much on sharpness and immediacy of control of hydraulic brakes, it can still bring reasonable power in the long run. What make this budget ride even better are its Shimano gears that come with good trigger shifters. These are great bonuses with regards to shift speed and precision.

However, its overall ride is good for a budget suspension bicycle. It is fairly “specced” for the price and anyone who simply wants to combat trails with an affordable bike can surely be happy with the Mongoose Salvo Sport Mountain Bike. The Salvo is without doubt a great suspension bike that has been well compromised in terms of budget suspension and simple styling.